Eating and Dining Bundle

Eating and Dining Bundle


  • Check out these great products.
  • The compact table tips for comfort and easy access.
  • The adapted utensils are perfect for people with hand weakness, tremors, and other hand control conditions.
  • The two blue plates are perfect to making food easier to see and move.
  • The food guard transforms any kitchen dish.

Clip-On Food Guard with Slight Curve

  • Keep food on your plate with our clip-on food guards
  • In fact, it hooks securely onto 9"- to 11"-dia. plates with three hooks
  • Slightly curved to aid in scooping


Adaptive Utensil Set

  • Adaptive utensils are adjustable with a wide ribbed handle to provide greater stability and control
  • Each piece is bendable to easily adjust the angle needed for eating independently

Spill Proof Scoop Plate Set of Two

  • Set of two Spill-Proof Scoop Plates aid in independent eating.
  • Perfect for those with difficulty eating, the ergonomic plate features a high, contoured lip that allows food to be easily pushed onto a fork or spoon.

Compact Over-bed Table

  • Perfect at the bedside, couch or recliner.
  • In fact, this compact over-bed table provides a stable surface for enjoying meals and tilts for computer work or other activities
  • Lastly, adjustment knob for comfortable use between 28” to 47” tall


  • Health begins with eating the right foods nurturing the mind and body.
  • Chronic health conditions and illness that impact the ability to feed oneself.
  • We have the right solution to overcome these limitations.
  • In fact, occupational therapist recommend these products.
  • Credit for Caring saves you time, money and energy.  Shop with us.


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