Home Safety

Home safe home is a process that changes as our abilities and resources change. Safety is no accident. Each room has different safety concerns. Let us know if you do not find the safety solution you need. We can help with other options.

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    • For the tub and shower the shower treads makes wet floors less hazardous.
    • The suction cup grab bar is best used in tandem with shower treads.
    • The raised toilet seat is perfect for reducing falls for those experiencing balance and pain when changing positions.
    • Lastly,  the automatic LED lights give a soft and relaxing glow.
    • The bedroom is more that a place to sleep, it is a sanctuary.
    • This bundle includes a safety bar with pocket, long safety mat for the bedside, night lights, and a bedside commode.
    • This bundle gives caregivers and family members a feeling of ease, calm and untroubled by worrying about safety in the bedroom.
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    Home Safety Bundle

    • Are there loose rugs, pet toys, stacks of items, and/or exposed wires on the floor?
    • Do you see unsafe furniture in your home? Is their adequate lighting for every corner of each room and hall?
    • Are safety rails attached to both walls of the staircase or the stairs and thresholds of exterior doors?
    • Home safety starts with these basic questions.  This bundle the right combination to start making a home safe home.
    • This bundle is made to reduce the risk of unintended events in the kitchen
    • The folding walker, specially designed walker tray, and walker basket provides extra "hands"
    • Now you can move between the appliances, sink, and table with ease.
    • The great grips utensils are our favorite for overcoming hand dexterity and strength issues
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    • Fall prevention starts with the right equipment
    • Install these products help to mitigate the hazards
    • The sit to stand walker is perfect for everyone who needs a helping hand while changing positions
    • Grocery shopping is much easier when using the right mobility equipment
    • In fact, getting in and out of automobiles is much easier with the right support
    • We have included a folding cane and a rolling walker, also known as a rollator
    • The cane works great in narrow spaces like aisle and the rollator is perfect for long walks


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