Home Safety

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    • Falls occur more often in bathrooms than in any other room of the home.
    • Making the tub and shower a safe place is a high priority for caregivers.
    • In fact, increasing the safety around the toilet is a top priority for restoring independence for the most personal tasks.
    • These easy-to-use safety products reduce the likelihood of falling.
    • Being ill is a drag.
    • Recovery happens when the mind and body are well rested and restored.
    • This bedroom bundle contains four essential safety products.
    • Credit for Caring saves you time, money and energy in finding the right bedroom safety solution.
    • The romance of the open road
    • Road trips fill life's memories banks
    • Reduced response time and sensory deficits often lead to giving up the car keys
    • We want to equip you with the right tools for driving safely
    • Every 11 seconds, a senior adult fall at home
    • Every 19 minutes, a senior die from a fall.
    • In fact, falling is the leading cause of hospital admissions for older adults
    • This bundle is a great welcome gift for loved ones
    • Reducing the likelihoods of falling brings peace of mind for all
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    • Bring back the joy of cooking with these smart tools
    • In fact, having these tools in every kitchen makes life easier
    • Lastly, occupational therapists recommend these products every day
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    • Make your living area safe and beautiful with this bundle.
    • The white safety rails are practical and attractive
    • We recommend two technology devices, the wireless door bell and pager
    • The compact rolling table is great for eating, hobbies, or whatever brings joy to your day.


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