Fall Prevention

Approximately ten people fall every minute of the day. Today’s mobility aids are the best ever offering so many options.  Whether you need minimal assistance up to maximum help to remain engaged, we’ve got a mobility solution for you.

Age: the risk of falls increases with age.
Motor disorders: walking and balance disorders are frequent with advancing age. Caused in part by muscle wasting, these problems often lead to falls in the elderly. It is recommended to equip oneself with a walking aid, such as a cane or a walker.
Sensory capacities altered by aging: decrease in vision (cataract, presbyopia, age-related macular degeneration, decrease in visual acuity), hearing disorders (reduced visual field), cognitive disorders.
Orthostatic hypotension: a drop in blood pressure when the person changes position too quickly.
Medications that may reduce alertness, quality of vision, etc. Taking more than 3 or 4 medications from 3 classes at the same time (cardiovascular, psychotropic, analgesics) also increases the risk of falling.


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