Activities of Daily Living

Living with chronic health conditions may require some adjustments to your daily routine. We curated these bundles to make the daily activities easier, safer, and to return the joy to simple tasks. Not finding what you need? Let us know, so we can find the right solution for you.

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    Bathing Bundle

    • The dermatologist recommended cleansing gel is more effective than the retail store options
    • The shower chair and massage shower head work increase bathing safety and pleasure
    • Lastly, the shower treads reduce the likelihood of slips and falls in any shower or tub
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    • This bundle contains the right tools for successful medication management.
    • Store the medicine in a lock box, organize a week of medication in the handy portable dispenser.
    • Lastly, the pill splitter and crusher are essential tools for adjusting pill strength and size.
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    Dressing Bundle

    • Chronic health conditions may reduce both fine and gross motor skills
    • Dressing tasks require motor skills of  bending, twisting, reaching, and manipulating small buttons, zippers and laces.
    • If you or someone in you care find dressing frustration, we have the solution for you.
    • We can help with this bundle of tools.
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    • This bundle contains four great products to accommodate fine motor skill limitations.
    • The great grips utensils are are fantastic, bendable and weighted for success. Likewise the foam tubing adapts other utensils for better grip.
    • The hi-lo plate and attachable food guard compliment the utensils bring back independence and dignity while eating.
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    Grooming Bundle

    • Brush your teeth, your hair, wash your face, and start the day with a smile.
    • Grooming in the morning and at bedtime supports skin integrity.
    • In fact, using these great dermatology recommended cleansing, moisturizing, and treatment products can reduce skin disease.
    • The Bed Bar Assist is lightweight. It minimizes fall risk during sleep.
    • The  bed pad is peace of mind that accidental wetting is covered.
    • Lastly, the wedges are great for elevating the head or feet of the mattress to facilitate better sleep.
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    Toileting Bundle

    • Accidental wetting, feeling the urgent need to go, and incontinence issues are frustrating and embarrassing
    • In fact, toileting is the most emotionally charges task a caregiver and loved one has to navigate.
    • We selected these products to reduce the tension and increase a senior's independence on the toilet.


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