Activities of Daily Living

Eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, medication, grooming, and transferring

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    Bathing Bundle

    • Bathing brings comfort and relaxation to most.
    • One-quarter of all falls happen in the bathroom.
    • In fact, the bathtub and shower are the most dangerous places.
    • This bathing bundle contains the products and equipment needed to restore safety and pleasure.
    • Lastly, save 38% off retail pricing by purchasing this bundle now.
    • Pharmacists and physicians love with bundle.
    • The pill smasher and cutter are great transforming a pill into a powder to slip a dose according to doctor's orders.
    • The dispenser is the best one in the market
    • The lock box holds the pill bottles in a secure and portable container.
    • Dressing can be painful and frustrating after surgery or injury or limits of aging
    • We recommend these tools that rehabilitation specialists use to increase a senior’s independence despite the impact of arthritis, strokes, degenerative muscle disease, and other conditions.
    • In fact, occupational therapists use these tools. .
    • Try them out for yourself and see the benefits of that extra hand these tools provide.
    • Check out these great products.
    • The compact table tips for comfort and easy access.
    • The adapted utensils are perfect for people with hand weakness, tremors, and other hand control conditions.
    • The two blue plates are perfect to making food easier to see and move.
    • The food guard transforms any kitchen dish.
    • Grooming makes each day feel new.
    • The manicure set has all the implements in one case to remove unwanted hairs everywhere.
    • Common to all possible grooming tasks is the use of implements such as brushes and shavers
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    Toileting Bundle

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    • Toileting is the highest priority for maintaining independence.
    • This bundle includes a wiping aid, toilet rails, bidet, and toilet lights.
    • Lastly, buying this bundle is huge savings of time and money.


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