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Autonomy and Dignity Enhanced with Technology

Our need to feel secure changes with our abilities and age. Technology can help us feel safe and connected. Installing a home security and fall detection system give you and your trusted family and friends the peace of mind.

Be Aware

Not all smart technologies work in harmony.  Choose new tech with full knowledge of how it works.

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The Risk

Hackers and scammer prey on the do-it-yourself home tech installer.

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Smart Solutions

Here are reliable tech solutions for you.

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1st Step

Assess your internet service

Technology requires internet connection to be ‘smart.’  Do you have internet service? Cellular service?  Is the service reliable?

2nd Step

Assess your needs

Where do you need support?  Assess your daily activities and home safety before purchasing technology.  How does technology fit into your care plan?

3rd Step

Make you home and life smart

Today’s technology enables more people to remain independent and at home than ever before. Your new technology connects you to trusted family and friends and your care team.

Notes from the Author

Smart Devices Bring Joy and Peace of Mind

Often, aging can be accompanied by a change in your ability to manage and move around in your home. That’s where smart technology comes in. No matter your age or what type of disability you may have, chances are there is a Bluetooth and cellular connected device out there that can help you with everyday tasks.

The rise of new smart technologies makes living alone possible for vulnerable people. In fact, most people have probably used these devices without realizing it. Smartphones, voice first technology, remote patient monitoring and certain types of software all fall under the new tech umbrella. Some smart devices pass the rigorous health data privacy protection laws. Today, physicians can monitor their patients without an office visit.

There’s an ever-growing variety of smart technology available to help with household chores, work functions, getting around, seeing, hearing, learning, and living independently in general. These devices and gadgets are designed to help older adults and people with disabilities, but you may find that these tools can make life easier for anyone.

Examples of Smart Technologies that increase independence and autonomy for successful aging in place:

  • Hearing aids
  • Vehicle modifications, such as hand controls or wheelchair lifts
  • Devices that help with bathing and eating
  • Software modifications for those with hearing and visual challenges
  • Equipment, such as grab bars in a shower, to help prevent falls
  • Eyeglasses and magnification devices to help individuals with low vision
  • Communication devices for individuals with speech disabilities
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices

State-Funded Assistive Technology Program

At first, trying to find the right Assistive Technology (AT) tools and solutions can feel overwhelming. The network of State Assistive Technology Act Programs is a good place to start. Your state AT Act program can provide information and support to help you identify and acquire AT that meets your needs.

These programs offer:

  • Device demonstration and short-term loan programs that allow you to try out equipment before purchasing
  • Reuse programs that provide gently used devices at substantial savings
  • Financing options, such as cash loan programs, can help you get the AT devices you need
  • You can find the AT Act Program in your state or territory online (See resources below for URL). You’ll also find additional information on state AT programs, data about the network of state AT programs, and additional resources to help you find and obtain AT that fits your needs.

With more research and awareness around the importance of AT, the future possibilities for living independently in the place of your choosing are almost limitless.

In addition, Medicare and Medicaid programs now issue smart devices as member benefits. Be sure to ask if you are eligible for these new programs.

Monica Stynchula – CEO / REUNIONCare, Inc.