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Today’s healthcare demands require more of you than ever before.  This pandemic is reshaping who, how, and where we want to receive care.  We partnered with the nation’s leading medical supply and equipment companies to pass along the lowest prices and highest quality products for you.

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Built by Caregivers, For Caregivers.  We have traveled this journey ourselves.  We understand the financial, physical, emotional, and relationship struggles of caring for others.  Let us help you.

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Healthcare Team
Portrait Of Excited Senior Woman

“The hospital bed pads I purchased from your website have been a life and money saver.

The pads are durable and prevent urine seepage from spreading throughout my father’s bed. Life has been a lot easier with these pads as we were able to ditch the flimsy disposable pads that barely captured any fluids, which sometimes would run down the side of the bed onto the floor.

The fact we can throw the pads into the washer with a little bit of detergent and bleach (not a lot needed) and put on sanitize washer cycle makes clean up a whole lot easier on me. Not to mention we’re keeping all those plastic pads (aka – chucks) out of landfills. And there are no urine smells!

The pads were super affordable and by far worth every penny tenfold.

Thanks, Credit for Caring!

Patti S.



“The team at Credit For Caring is fabulous. They helped me find exactly the products I needed and received them the very next day!”

Patricia K.

North Carolina

“My order arrives in one day!  This is so convenient.  I use the same products every month so I use the automated ordering option.  Perfect for me.  I have been reading the care management pages since I have to use telehealth for my care these days.  Thanks for teaching me so much, Credit For Caring.”



Hi There,

I want to share how our nurse managers are using your “bundles.”  We meet our potential clients either at the hospital, rehab center, or when a new client arrives home.  There’s so much happening at once.  The client and their family are really overwhelmed with the situation.  We start the critical home care services immediately, but we return two weeks after discharge to set a care plan and sign an agreement.

This care plan meeting is where we use your bundles. It’s like magic. We are able to match the client’s ADL goals directly with a bundle of products from Credit For Caring.  The images, pricing, and inspiring messages reinforce our goals as if we are sitting side by side.  We love all the ADL bundles.  We recommend the home safety starter bundle to every client along with a home safety room to room evaluation.

Most of all I want to say Thanks.  Our Credit For Caring Alliance site is perfect.  We use it all the time.  Our clients save money, we build up points to use on things we need for our agency.  It’s a Win-Win!

Mary R.


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We are proud to offer new ways to discover products. Choose from any of the following categories to help you find what you need…

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Let’s Make Things Easier To Find

We are proud to offer new ways to discover products. Choose from any of the following categories to help you find what you need…

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