Financial and Legal Issues Before, During, and After Caregiving

 “There are only four kinds of people in the world:

those who have been caregivers,

those who are currently caregivers,

those who will be caregivers,

and those who will need caregivers.”

Rosalynn Carter

No truer words of wisdom have been applied to caregiving.  In fact, the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers (RCI) is a national treasure, trusted resource, and powerful advocacy organization. She says “Caregiving is hard, even on the good days when it brings joy and fulfillment. It requires dedication, determination, and time.”  I believe First Lady Rosalynn Carter referred to time and determination that caring for others and yourself equally are the biggest challenges for caregivers.

The pitfalls of not having solid financial and legal plans devastate many people. Consider that many of today’s caregivers are entering into our tribe while they are young adults (National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP research – ¼ of caregivers are millennials).  Unlike the adult child of an aging parent whose children are grown, younger caregivers risk their future security while older caregivers risk their retirement.  Caregiving has become a central healthcare issue.

Meet our Experts

Our special podcast guests are Attorneys Amanda Singleton and Ryan Singleton of Singleton Legal in St. Pete, Florida. Amanda is an elder law attorney and AARP Caregiving Expert.  Ryan joined Amanda at Singleton Legal in 2019.  Ryan is an experienced Consumer/Bankruptcy lawyer.  Together, they are a powerhouse of knowledge and advice for our listeners on the Your Future Self podcast


Words of Wisdom

“As a caregiver, you are not financially liable for a loved one’s medical expenses unless you sign something that says that you are.  Be careful at what you are signing.”  Attorney Ryan Singleton

Singleton Legal is our go-to financial and legal expert.  In fact, they are family caregivers too.  Listen to this podcast to hear the lessons they learned throughout many caregiver stints.

“If your name is not on it, it’s not your responsibility so don’t sink your own ship by paying someone else’s debt.”  Attorney Amanda Singleton

Sneak Preview of Podcast

Our podcasts guests were so generous with their advice.  Here are some gems of wisdom that I believe deserve extra attention.

  1. Share your plan.  Amanda said, “take the reins on your medical life.’
  2. Be sure to complete your life care documents that include Advanced Directive (also known as HealthCare Surrogate)
  3. Share your properly executed Living Will with trusted friends and healthcare providers to take the burden of making these decisions off their shoulders.
  4. Assign a Power of Attorney (POA) for everything else.

Your Future Self Financial pillar is an essential leg on the stool. Ryan and Amanda have many tools to get you organized.  The button below leads you to Singleton Legal.  Do it. For your future self!

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