Your Future Self Podcast – Episode 2 Physical Health

Olympic Trials Inspire Me

True confession, I love sports.  I love to play.  I love to watch.  In fact, my watching behavior is a bit aerobic.  I am the one when winces and twitches to ‘assist’ the athlete succeed (I hope all those moves will burn off some extra calories).  Go ahead and laugh, my husband certainly does.  The Olympic trials have both of us mesmerized this week.  Swimmer, runners, and other track and field athletes are reaching for the stars. Watching the world’s best compete has inspired both of us to up our exercise routine. No doubt our personal shot at the Olympics is over (and never existed in the first place).

Your Future Self Episode Two

It is my pleasure to preview the second episode of Your Future Self podcast featuring Chris MacLellan and myself entitled Self-Care.  Chris and I discuss our experiences as family caregivers and the impact it has on our physical health.  Listen in using the button below to hear what we have learned during our care journeys.

It’s In Your Control

This is the tagline for Your Future Self – It’s in Your Control.  But honestly, it doesn’t always feel that way to me.  I commit myself to eight hours of sleep every night.  I stop drinking tea and coffee by early afternoon and I make sure that I am really winding down by 9:00 pm. I feel like I have a daily routine conducive to getting that restorative sleep. What I can’t control is the sounds outside my window of barking dogs or sirens, you know the feeling, right.  But what is in my control is how I react to this intrusion, that’s in my control.

Caregivers Give till it Hurts

Chris and I look at how, as caregivers, the unexpected happened. A health crisis that meant days sitting by a loved one’s bed instead of sleeping at home. Or eating out of the vending machines bingeing on chocolates and coffee instead of choosing an apple and a glass of water.  Stressful times rob us of our control because we are human.  Those occasional slips are not a reason to abandon the intention to return to healthy habits when the crisis subsides.

21 Days to New Habits

Researchers confirm that new habits or behaviors must repeat 21 times before it sticks.  That’s three weeks of quitting a destructive behavior or starting a new positive one.  During this adjustment period, you may have uncomfortable responses. We each know our quirks when reacting to change. What’s your favorite ache or pain?  A headache?  A stomach-ache?

Listen, Learn and Live

I am not willing to give away the punch line to our show.  You will need to listen to hear what we recommend as the best way to optimize your physical health.  Lastly, we have ‘homework’ for you which you can download from the Whole Care Network website.  Please accept this homework as a gift to you and Your Future Self.

Yours in Health,

Monica Stynchula, MSW, MPH