CreditForCaring is like a Home Improvement Store but for caregiving and aging in right place. In the Home Improvement Store, you can enter our store and browse those warehouse aisles for plumbing, electrical, hardware, building, and home appliances or you can ask knowledgeable staff for assistance. It is our job to match your needs with the right tools for success. “More savings, more doing”

Saves Time

1. Quick-start surveys remove the hassles and barriers to success. CreditForCaring finder tools to streamline your search. Our recommendations engine takes it from there. We offer you free advice on your plan that comes in our curated resource directory. We are your “helpful hardware store” matching the right product for the right task at the right time.

One-Stop Shopping

2. You shop with us from your phone, tablet, or computer anytime and from anywhere. We have over 2,500 products on our site. All of our products and medical equipment come from a 60+ -year old family-owned American company trusted by the world’s largest and best hospitals and doctors.

Ships Fast

3. Quick, low-cost shipping for all orders. Your order is directed to the closest warehouse, there are 45 of them in the lower 48. That means you are likely to receive your order in 24-48 hours. Our shipping is $6.95 per order for most items. No extra charge for priority shipping. We are fast and want to save you money. No waiting for an insurance company approval that takes days or weeks. Shop with us. We will greet you at your front door with the products you need when you need them most. That’s our promise to you.

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Saves Money

4. Customer loyalty programs. The more you shop, the more you save with our Points Program. Refer a Friend and write a review also adds points to your account to use on future purchases. We have a wish list (same as a bridal or baby shower registry). You can save and share your selections with trusted family and friends. “More savings, more doing.”

Consolidates Records

5. Lastly, shopping with us for all of your health and care needs consolidates all of your purchases into one place. This makes tax time less painful. No more searching for receipts or trying to recall when and what you bought from your credit card statements. Your personal CreditForCaring account stores all of this in one place.

Built by Caregivers, For Caregivers

Like the home improvement warehouse staff, we know our trade. These issues can be overwhelming. Most caregivers did not train to do this work. The on the job training can be frustrating and dangerous. We are here to help.

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