Your Future Self Podcast – Spiritual Pillar of Care

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

George Santayana, 1905 House of Commons

Learn from the Past, Live for the Future

I cannot think of a more fitting quote to begin a discussion on the Your Future Self podcast’s fourth pillar – Spirituality. Rest assured, I am not here to advocate a certain set of beliefs. Spirituality is broader than any religious teaching. Join hosts Christopher MacLellan and myself for this important conversation.

Christopher’s caregiving story is featured in a Pulitzer Prize-nominated story written by Diane C. Lade of the SunSentinel. Diane Lade and photojournalist Carline Jean captured the essence of Chris and Richard’s care journey. Reflecting back on this experience, Chris said:

“Creating a life to love after your loved one makes their life transition is difficult to achieve, but it is critical to our own health and well-being. Sure, our fond memories of the love we shared linger on in our hearts, but we have to find a way to move on, find purpose, and create a new life to love. Finding purpose in life is one of the critical components enhancing our happiness. Happiness is not predicated on having the biggest car, fancy house, or the most money in the bank. Happiness is predicated on finding purpose in life.”


Tell Your Story

I invite you to tell your story.  That is what the spiritual journey is all about, telling your story.  Chris and I believe that your storytelling is vital to moving forward after caregiving.  One day you too will need the care of another (shocking news, I know).  What kind of care do you want? Who do you want to care for you?  What are your final wishes?  All these questions will be answered as you write your caregiving story.




The spiritual pillar homework is very personal.  Use the button below to get access to the Life After Caregiving homework on the website.  This one is all about you.  Your Future Self. 


Yours in Health,



Monica Stynchula, MSW, MPH