Be Careful! Space Heater Dangers

Winter’s chill is settling in on most of the USA this week.

This winter is proving to be a challenge. Record-setting snow, rain, and wind events are in the news week after week. These days are really tough on senior citizens in our communities living on fixed incomes. Many do not have the funds to make the necessary weathering changes to limit the impact of these storms.

In fact, many seniors are using space heaters to keep warm in times like these. The National Fire Protection Association has again issued important warnings about the use of space heaters. Forty-three percent of 2018 home heating fires started with space heaters. As a result, tragically five out of every six home heating deaths stem from the same. Fast forward to today when all of us are spending more time at home due to social distancing.

Elderly people frequently use space heaters to limit heating bills. In fact, space heaters offer the convenience of sitting close to the heat source for a rapid response and that is easy to use. However, there are many risks to this convenience that must be recognized.

Space Heaters Potential Risks

1. Forgetting to shut it off

2. Carbon monoxide poisoning

3. Electrical cords catching fire

4. Knocking over the heater and catching fire

Caregivers and seniors aging at home struggle to balance the cost of utilities with the benefit of heating rooms no longer in use or rarely used. Home repairs can be time-consuming and too difficult for seniors with physical limitations.

We want to help. Check out our free resource directory for expert advice to create and maintain a safe home environment. In addition, we have curated a list of government programs (at the bottom of each resource page) to help pay for heating and weatherproofing for people on fixed incomes. Credit For Caring believes the best place to age is at home, a safe home. Here is our easy to use resource finder tool to help you get started. Be safe.

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