Toileting Bundle


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  • Toileting is the highest priority for maintaining independence.
  • This bundle includes a wiping aid, toilet rails, bidet, and toilet lights.
  • Lastly, buying this bundle is huge savings of time and money.


  • Ideal for any bathroom, the bidet makes improving personal hygiene effortless and comfortable
  • Effectively reduces paper waste by providing a thorough cleaning after using the bathroom
  • Retractable, self-cleaning nozzles provide a moderate posterior cleansing or a gentle, feminine cleansing

Tong Wiping Aid

  • The tong wiping aid allows those with limited mobility to independently clean themselves after trips to the bathroom.
  • The long 15.78” wiping tongs eliminate the need to bend and twist while maintaining good personal hygiene.

Toilet Light Two Pack

  • Reflecting off the glossy surface, the toilet bowl night light illuminates the bathroom for safe nighttime visits
  • Featuring a motion and light-detecting sensor, the night light quickly turns on when the dark room is entered

Stand Alone toilet Rail

  • Designed to prevent slips and falls when getting on or off a toilet
  • Durable aluminum frame doesn’t wobble and holds up to 300 pounds
  • Fits around most standard or elongated toilets or at a sink or vanity


  • Medications, diet, physical activity, mental decline are the most common issues leading to difficulties with bowel movements.
  • In fact, toileting is the most emotionally charges task a caregiver and loved one has to navigate.
  • We selected these products to reduce the tension and increase a senior’s independence on the toilet.


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