Daily Medication Bundle

Daily Medication Bundle


  • Pharmacists and physicians love with bundle.
  • The pill smasher and cutter are great transforming a pill into a powder to slip a dose according to doctor’s orders.
  • The dispenser is the best one in the market
  • The lock box holds the pill bottles in a secure and portable container.

Pill Crusher

  • Are you experiencing difficulty swallowing pills?
  • In fact, many people struggle to take them as prescribed.
  • The pill crusher has no latex content
  • Lastly, each order is one pill crusher.


Medication Lock Box

  • Lock box has a programmable thumbwheel combination lock for increased security
  • Removable compartments and shelf piece allow for flexibility with organizing medicine bottles and pills
  • Designed with ergonomic handle for carrying ease when traveling

Pill Splitter

  • Are you struggling to cut your pills?
  • In fact, many people fail to cut them exactly.
  • The pill-splitter contains no latex.
  • Lastly, each order is one splitter.


Automatic Pill Dispensers,



  • Doctors prescribe medications with the knowledge of what works best.
  • Pharmacists dispense and advise on how to take medicine.
  • Who will organize them?
  • In fact, caregivers report that managing medications are very stressful.
  • The bundle will give you the tools and confidence to succeed.
  • Lastly, purchasing this bundle will save money and bring you peace of mind.


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