Living Area Safety Bundle

Living Area Safety Bundle


  • Make your living area safe and beautiful with this bundle.
  • The white safety rails are practical and attractive
  • We recommend two technology devices, the wireless door bell and pager
  • The compact rolling table is great for eating, hobbies, or whatever brings joy to your day.

Sleek & Stylish Stand Alone Rail

  • These are amazing!  Finally a product that fits our lifestyle.
  • Providing a strong, stable base, the stand-alone rail allows you to easily rise from a toilet, a sofa, or your favorite chair
  • The sleek, open design seamlessly blends with any home decor

Wireless Call Button

  • The call button allows individuals to instantly call for help with one touch of a button
  • The large call button is easy to activate and displays a bright indicator when pressed
  • Great addition to your fall prevention tool box

Wireless Doorbell

  • The door and window alarm provides instant alerts for remotely monitoring a loved one to prevent hazardous wandering
  • The order includes a  wireless alarm pager features a large stop button and three notification settings for customizing your incoming alerts

Compact Over-bed Table

  • Perfect at the bedside, couch or recliner.
  • In fact, this compact over-bed table provides a stable surface for enjoying meals and tilts for computer work or other activities
  • Lastly, adjustment knob for comfortable use between 28” to 47” tall


  • Fall prevention starts with the right equipment
  • Bed rest, reduce physical activity, and sedentary lifestyles all contribute to declining leg and core strength increase the risk of injury and falls.
  • Additionally, medication side effects may create greater risks of falling and unsteady movement from sitting to standing.


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