Always Toward Better Things

Life Feels too Heavy

I don’t know about you, but this pandemic is really wearing me down. In this house we believe that the European countries got it right, so we are living a pretty secluded life just as they did.  No doubt, we are not alone as we look around our community.  It is the mental inertia that is tripping me up now.  I keep thinking we will soon ‘return’ to normal.

I struggle each day not to succumb to the angst that can overtake me.  It is not natural to spend our days with so little human contact.  My goodness, I try out my best ‘one-liners’ on the clerks in the grocery stores these days.  I know I am not alone.  (I may be alone in my willingness to share my salty jokes but that’s another issue).

Life on Hold

Owning a business means that I make, and revise, a yearly plan and five-year projections.  Like you, my plans evaporated when the economy tanked. We have been holding our breath for six months. Nothing is more paralyzing than having the certainty removed from our lives.   Paychecks gone. Workplace shuttered and workers sit in isolation at home. Purchases are postponed.   We are living a life in suspension.  What are we waiting for?

always toward better things

My Epiphany

Here is my epiphany.  Semper ad Meliora “always toward better things.”  I will go forward and create our new normal in our home.  This isn’t as easy as you think, considering that I have decades of ‘experience’ that is supposed to be my guide for future decisions.  Simply put, that won’t cut it now. I will seize this opportunity to plan with a fresh vision toward a brighter future. I cannot do this alone.  I hope you will join my quest to re-engage and reinvent my life in 2020 and beyond.

Hazard Yet Forward

“The mind’s close labor that awaits thee here!

What treasure rests beneath the deep-tilled soil!

What life is breathed in this keen atmosphere!”

Sister Mary Claudia Glenn

Seton Hill University 1921

Hazard Yet Forward my friends.  Let us begin anew.