Do you want to Partner with Us?

I am proud to announce that REUNIONCare, owner of Credit for Caring, achieved the prestigious USA Small Business Association certification as a Women Owned Small Business, known as WSOB.  Here is an excerpt from the email I received:

‘Congratulations! Your firm has been certified as a Women Owned Small Business WOSB by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) for the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program (WOSB Program), as set forth in Title 13, Part 127 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Wishing you much success!


Alisa Sheard,
Acting Deputy Director
WOSB Federal Contracting Program
Office of Government Contracting and Business Development”


In real estate key factor(s) to success is location, location, location.  Our key factors are exposure, access, and leads.  The SBA program gives us access to federal contracts usually gobbled up by large corporations with enormous federal government teams. The competition is federal contracts is daunting and stiff. This visibility is golden for WOSB who can innovate and create, and often outperform with greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Our size makes us nimble to adapt to changing program requirements.

SBA offers advanced training for WOSB companies to bridge the knowledge gap that large well-funded corporations possess. In fact, private companies also work with women-owned businesses to take advantage of tax breaks, among other reasons. With a WOSB certification, our business is added to a database used by large corporations to achieve supplier diversity. Lastly, our WOSB certification enables us to apply for federal set-aside opportunities.

Mission Driven to Care

REUNIONCare began in 2014 with the mission statement “We are changing the way we care for each other with family-based care management.” Our team’s vision is reflected in today’s Care Can’t Wait, Paid Leave for All, and the Credit for Caring Act.  Our vision for well-coordinated personalized care preceded the pandemic and turmoil of economic and social crisis of the last eight years. Our focus on the critical Social Determinants of Health is our foundation.  To a person, our team has life experience caring for family members with the understanding that medical insurance, the healthcare system, and social programs writ large are fragmented and siloed. The nation’s broken systems of care were no more evident than during the pandemic.

Ironically, the pandemic just about wiped us off the map as business partnerships dwindled under the enormous strain of uncertainty.  We survived the pandemic years by minimizing our expenses.  Much of 2021 work was the excruciating process of applying for the SBA program.  AARP offered us a scholarship to apply through WBENC Women Business Entrepreneur National Council however, we were six months into the process and decided to soldier on using the SBA beta certify site.


SBA Experience

Please contact us to learn more about our experience applying through the sba.beta.certify process. While it is ‘free’ to use, the time and frustration costs are enormous when using this site. The self-certification process forced our team to tighten up our processes and documentation.  The cost was worth the benefit.  In addition, I served on the SBA National Women’s Business Council from 2019-2022 as the STEM subcommittee chair. This national service was a tremendous learning experience. I would be happy to share my knowledge with you.

Let’s Collaborate

I believe all business deals should be a win/win proposition. We want to work with you on federal government opportunities and public/private grant  Together we will change will create the care system for the Twenty-First Century.

Onward and Upwards,