Bedrooms are for rest and recovery. Reduce the hazards and increase safety in bed and getting in and out with these products.

    • Check out this new design!  An "M" shaped handle
    • Our bed assist bar provides help getting in and out of bed
    • It features a soft grip for comfort, a pocket for handy storage, and straps for added safety
    • In fact, this sturdily constructed bar is built to last
    • Lastly, it includes a nylon bag for storage
    • Being ill is a drag.
    • Recovery happens when the mind and body are well rested and restored.
    • This bedroom bundle contains four essential safety products.
    • Credit for Caring saves you time, money and energy in finding the right bedroom safety solution.
    • This rail is ideal for sitting up and getting in or out of bed.
    • In fact, it is great for seniors & those recovering from injuries and surgery
    • Perfect at the bedside, couch or recliner.
    • In fact, this compact over-bed table provides a stable surface for enjoying meals and tilts for computer work or other activities
    • Lastly, adjustment knob for comfortable use between 28” to 47” tall
    • Pharmacists and physicians love with bundle.
    • The pill smasher and cutter are great transforming a pill into a powder to slip a dose according to doctor's orders.
    • The dispenser is the best one in the market
    • The lock box holds the pill bottles in a secure and portable container.
    • Easily pull yourself up to a sitting position on the bed at multiple angles.
    • Raise or lower the Bed Assist Bar to create the perfect leverage height, from 17” to 22” to accommodate most mattress depths.
    • Providing a stable surface at the bedside, at a sofa or recliner, the over-bed table features a slim design that is easy to maneuver for use on the left or right side of the bed
    • Gently push tabletop upward to raise the surface to the desired height and lift up the trip lever and push the tabletop down to lower the surface
    • The ideal combination of durability and value.
    • Made from vinyl knit barriers they stay soft and leak-proof.
    • In fact, the underpad fabric blend resists staining.
    • This order is one 34" x 36" reusable underpad
    • Lastly, they can withstand the heavy demands of multiple washing and drying cycles.
    • Perfect for seniors, the bed rail provides stable assistance when getting into and out of bed.
    • The adjustable bed rail allows you to sit and stand up with greater ease to minimize the risk of falls and re-injury.
    • Minimizing the risk of injury to loved ones or caregivers, the transfer blanket assists in repositioning or transferring individuals safely
    • Handles are placed in each corner to allow for easy assistance at any angle
    • Featuring strong, reinforced stitching, the transfer blanket is made with a durable nylon material that safely supports up to 300 pounds
    • Protects Against Accidents, Spills, and Stains
    • Absorbs All Fluids
    • Protects Against Accidents, Spills, and Stains
    • Absorbs All Fluids


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