Do you need help with grooming?

    • Helps treat the most common fungal infections
    • It treats athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm.
    • Helps relieve itching, burning, and irritation from fungal infections.
    • In fact, the powder is talc-free, flows freely, and stays in place for extended periods of time.
    • Lastly, it can be used for skin folds, feet, socks, and shoes.
    • The Remedy products protect and treat the skin
    • In fact, it nourishes as it protects
    • Barrier ointment is ideal for incontinence care
    • contains safflower ointment
    • Lastly, this cream gives ongoing protection
    • Bath benches are ideal for people who have difficulty sitting in a standard bathtub or standing in the shower
    • The protection built-in to make your bath bench last longer and look cleaner
    • In fact, it prevents the uncontrolled growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the bath bench and provides 24/7 cleanliness protection
    • Lastly, the nonslip, rubber feet help keep the benches in place on the bathtub or shower floor
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    Bathing Bundle

    • Bathing brings comfort and relaxation to most.
    • One-quarter of all falls happen in the bathroom.
    • In fact, the bathtub and shower are the most dangerous places.
    • This bathing bundle contains the products and equipment needed to restore safety and pleasure.
    • Lastly, save 38% off retail pricing by purchasing this bundle now.
    • The skin cream restores the natural moisture balance.
    • In fact, the cream creates a strong breathable treatment
    • Absorbs readily with no greasy residue.
    • Lastly, enhanced with Phytoplex, botanicals, and fatty acids.
    • The Remedy products protect and treat the skin
    • In fact, it helps seal out wetness and relieve chapped or cracked skin, minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
    • Applies clear for ease of inspecting skin condition and adheres well to wet skin
    • Ideal for all ages
    • Sold in a 2.5-ounce tube
    • Lastly, Hypoallergenic, nonirritating and non-sensitizing
    • Efficiently removes food residue, dental plaque and bacteria to promote good oral health and fresher breath
    • Provides three levels of water pressure, normal, gentle and massaging pulses
    • The kit includes fingernail, toenail, and diagonal clippers, peeling knives, cuticle trimmers, nail file, v-shaped push stick, eyebrow tweezers, multi-purpose scissor, and blackhead needle with loop remover and ear pick safely stored in a sleek carrying case.
    • Don't over pay for skin care serum!
    • Try this low cost, dermatologist formulated skin repair
    • Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) components help attract and bind moisture to the skin
    • In fact, the 20% urea gently exfoliates outer skin layers to help shed rough skin and allow enhanced moisturizing
    • Glycolic acid helps exfoliate, smooth, and condition the skin
    • L-arginine amino acids function as antioxidants
    • Lastly, this product comes in a four-ounce tube
    • Exfoliating Gloves gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime to reveal cleaner, smoother skin.
    • Using these softens the skin, improving product absorption, promoting increased circulation and reducing the frequency of ingrown hairs.
    • Set includes nine pieces of tubing in three diameters to use with a variety of objects
    • Easily cut with standard household scissors, each 12” foam piece can be cut to any length to conveniently cover multiple objects
    • Remedy Olivamine 4-in-1 Foaming Body Cleanser cleanses, moisturizes, provides mild protection against transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and nourishes skin in one step
    • Ready-to-use, no-rinse foam stays in place to prevent product spills, waste and patient discomfort.
    • Helps reduce odor
    • For everyday use
    • Tear-free, nonallergenic and non-sensitizing


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