Loss of bowel and bladder control requires constant protection with underpads on all surfaces to prevent contamination and embarrassment.

    • Combination of fluff and a polymer core for high absorbency and odor control
    • Quality levels indicate the level of absorption resulting from different materials and construction methods
    • Tuck under pad under a mattress to keep it in place during movement
    • The ideal combination of durability and value.
    • Made from vinyl knit barriers they stay soft and leak-proof.
    • In fact, the underpad fabric blend resists staining.
    • This order is one 34" x 36" reusable underpad
    • Lastly, they can withstand the heavy demands of multiple washing and drying cycles.
    • Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads, 34" x 48"
    • Features durable, comfortable twill facing that resists staining
    • Vinyl knit barrier withstands heavy demands of multiple washing and drying cycles
    • Stays soft and leak-proof


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