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Have wheels will travel.  Rollators are easy to use wheeled walkers with many bells and whistles such as hand brakes, a seat and sometimes a basket.  Check out all the options for cruising around the house and those made for outdoor terranes.

    • Are you looking to stay active but need a sturdy reliable machine to assist you?  The Rollator is for you!
    • This Rollator frame has a wider distance between handles for users needing extra room.
    • Also, the loop-style brakes are easy to push down to lock and pull up to release.
    • In addition, the reinforced design support higher weight capacities holding up to 400 pounds.
    • The padded backrest and padded seat offer users the ability to rest.
    • Lastly, this rollator supports more weight with a lightweight frame that makes transporting easy.
    • Is it time to tune up your rollator or walker?
    • In fact, these parts fit most Medline equipment
    • Lastly,  high quality, durability, and satisfaction.
  • Best Price Rollator

    • Looking for the best price on walking assistance?  Here you go!
    • Easy-to-use loop-style brakes; push down to lock, pull up to release
    • Padded backrest and seat for comfortable resting
    • Height-adjustable arms for a custom fit
    • All models have six-inch wheels
    • Folding design for compact storage
  • Sale!

    Black Bag

    • Black Bag
    • holds folder rollator
    • easy carry handles
    • high quality, waterproof vinyl bag
    • Ultralight carbon fiber frame designed to be 5x stronger than steel for ease of use and no heavy lifting
    • Rollator folds flat for easy storage and transportation
    • Height-adjustable, ergonomic handles feature integrated brakes with hidden brake cables
    • Fully assembled with organizer bag included
    • Additional accessories also available: storage bags and cane holders
    • Learn more about Carbon Fiber Ultralight Rollators
    • The combination of Rollator for walking, transport for riding and resting
    • In fact, it is perfect for people whose abilities change over time.
    • Additionally, it features a carry bag, cup holder, under-seat basket, and carrying handles.
    • Leg style: swing-away detachable footrest
    • Seat size  is 19 X 16 inches
    • Allows you to carry your cup or cane while you use your rollator
    • Convenient cut-out allows you to carry cups with handles
    • Clamp-on drink holder
    • Accommodates bottles, cans, and mugs
    • Slotted on 2 sides to hold a cup with handles
    • Lastly, plastic material is easy to clean
    • European-style rollators feature a lightweight aluminum frame
    • Fold horizontally for easy storage
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Storage bag included
    • Deluxe padded seat and curved padded backrest provide enhanced support and comfort
    • In fact, the large 8"  wheels combined with a lightweight aluminum frame allows for smooth operation on most terrain.
    • 300 lbs. weight capacity
    • 17.5" distance between handles; seat height is 20" min./max. height 31-36.5"
    • Lastly, it weighs 20.5 lbs.
    • Are you looking to stay active but need a helping hand?  The Rollator is for you!
    • Personalize your ride with height-adjustable arms, legs, and backrest.
    • Made with easy hand-controlled loop-style brakes to lock and release
    • Moreover, the seat is extra-wide and comfortable.
    • Includes a nylon carry-all bag and a cup holder.
    • Lastly, this Luxe Rollator is the top of the line, go everywhere companion for the active person.
    • Memory foam seat contours comfortably to create an ideal cushion for tired users
    • Large 8" (20 cm) wheels glide smoothly over most surfaces
    • Convenient cup holder and cane holder come standard
    • Front storage pouch included


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