Bedrooms are meant to be sanctuaries of relaxation and health.  Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult at times.  The products recommendations are designed to build a safe environment.

    • Relieving pain and discomfort caused by standing, the anti-fatigue mat supports the feet for better posture in the kitchen, workstation and more
    • Lightly textured, the faux leather exterior provides greater traction for safe use with shoes, socks and bare feet
    • Great for hallways, staircases, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more
    • Gentle on the eyes, each night light provides a warm white light
    • A built-in light sensor turns the night lights on and off automatically with dusk and dawn
    • Check out this new design!  An "M" shaped handle
    • Our bed assist bar provides help getting in and out of bed
    • It features a soft grip for comfort, a pocket for handy storage, and straps for added safety
    • In fact, this sturdily constructed bar is built to last
    • Lastly, it includes a nylon bag for storage
    • Stuck in bed? No problem
    • Safely store and organize bedside items within easy reach
    • Includes three exterior pockets, two mesh pockets and three interior pockets
    • Comfortably cushions the head and neck in a neutral position to reduce neck discomfort and stiffness, headaches, snoring and more
    • Designed to promote proper spinal alignment to relieve stiffness, tension and pain
    • This rail is ideal for sitting up and getting in or out of bed.
    • In fact, it is great for seniors & those recovering from injuries and surgery
    • Perfect at the bedside, couch or recliner.
    • In fact, this compact over-bed table provides a stable surface for enjoying meals and tilts for computer work or other activities
    • Lastly, adjustment knob for comfortable use between 28” to 47” tall
    • Easily pull yourself up to a sitting position on the bed at multiple angles.
    • Raise or lower the Bed Assist Bar to create the perfect leverage height, from 17” to 22” to accommodate most mattress depths.
    • Providing a stable surface at the bedside, at a sofa or recliner, the over-bed table features a slim design that is easy to maneuver for use on the left or right side of the bed
    • Gently push tabletop upward to raise the surface to the desired height and lift up the trip lever and push the tabletop down to lower the surface
    • Our most economical fall mats help to reduce the risk of injury from a fall from the bed.
    • These mats contain absorbent high-compression foam with a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl cover
    • Therefore, falls from the bed are less likely to cause life-changing injuries.
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    • Knurled-texture steel bars are easy to grip even in wet bathing areas
    • Use in the kitchen, along stairways, or in the laundry room for additional fall prevention
    • Mount vertically or horizontally with the included hardware
    • 250 pound weight capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame; six-month warranty on handles, "wearable" parts, grips, screws
    • Elevate the feet, knees and legs to relieve discomfort and pressure
    • Positions the legs to relieve discomfort due to swollen, tired feet
    • Provides 45 degrees of elevation for optimal support


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