Bathrooms can present many hazards when are abilities decline.  The products selected here are easy to install to quickly transform problems into solutions.

    • The 12 inch texture grab bar is perfect for aiding the elderly and those with limited mobility in the shower or tub
    • Easily position the metal grab bar vertically, horizontally, or diagonally for optimal support in any indoor area
    • Great for hallways, staircases, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more
    • Gentle on the eyes, each night light provides a warm white light
    • A built-in light sensor turns the night lights on and off automatically with dusk and dawn
    • Step in or out of the tub with peace of mind
    • The wide base provides large platform that guards against tipping over
    • Reinforced design and strong composite materials stand up to daily use
    • Safely enter or exit the bathtub with stabilizing support
    • The dual handrail is 14.5” high with a lightly textured surface for a comfortable and secure grip anywhere
    • Easily adjusts to fit flat bathtub edges 3.75”-6.5” wide
  • Bidet

    • Ideal for any bathroom, the bidet makes improving personal hygiene effortless and comfortable
    • Effectively reduces paper waste by providing a thorough cleaning after using the bathroom
    • Retractable, self-cleaning nozzles provide a moderate posterior cleansing or a gentle, feminine cleansing
    • Lined with multiple drainage holes, the bathtub mat prevents hazardous slips and falls in slippery showers and tubs
    • Features a lightly textured surface to provide traction for greater stability
    • Installed on a smooth, clean surface, the strong suction base ensures the mat stays firmly in place
    • Promotes safety in the bathroom for seniors, disabled and patients recovering from injury or surgery
    • The sturdy aluminum frame is lightweight but stable and secure
    • Compact design fits on both round and elongated toilets without interfering with normal use
    • Exfoliating Gloves gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime to reveal cleaner, smoother skin.
    • Using these softens the skin, improving product absorption, promoting increased circulation and reducing the frequency of ingrown hairs.
  • Grab Bar White Enamel

    • Home modifications will reduce falls and injuries.
    • Install grab bars in high-risk places like stairs, bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways
    • These rugged enamel-coated steel bars can be used horizontally or vertically
    • come complete with mounting hardware
    • In fact, the 1-1/4" gripping diameter bar complies with ADA Guidelines; 1-1/2" clearance from the wall
    • 250-lb. weight capacity
    • Lastly, this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty on frame;
    • Six-month warranty on handles, "wearable" parts, grips, screws
  • Sale!
    • Knurled-texture steel bars are easy to grip even in wet bathing areas
    • Use in the kitchen, along stairways, or in the laundry room for additional fall prevention
    • Mount vertically or horizontally with the included hardware
    • 250 pound weight capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame; six-month warranty on handles, "wearable" parts, grips, screws
    • A handheld shower head can be used with any standard shower fixture
    • Everything is included for easy, tool-free installation
    • Five spray modes include saturating, massage, and bubble with two additional combinations
    • Adds height to the toilet seat to reduce painful bending, twists, slips and falls
    • Safely use with the existing seat and lid on any standard or elongated toilet


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