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Cloths that do it all including cleansing, moisturizing and protection of the skin.  Skin care cloths that are portable and powerful.

  • Aloe Wet Wipes


    • Ideal for everyday clean-ups and toileting care
    • Ph-balanced and hypoallergenic
    • In fact, they are alcohol-free
    • Individually wrapping to reduce the spread of germs
    • Lastly, do not flush wipes in the toilet
    • Versatile for daily cleanups and incontinence care
    • Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and alcohol-free
    • In fact, they are super-soft, soothing, and gentle on the skin
    • For single-use
    • Lastly, sold in packs 48
    • This product combines convenience with good hygiene
    •  super-soft, single-use, medium weight cloths
    • They are pre-moistened and rinse-free formula
    • In fact, the formula does not contain fragrance or alcohol
    • Lastly,  sold in packs of 8
  • Sale!
    • Fragrance-free cloths gently cleanse sensitive, fragile skin-just add water
    • Made of Soft-Spun fabric that is softer than reusable cloths
    • In fact, these disposable, non-flushable cloths help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and can't dry out like traditional wet wipes
    • Perfect for incontinence care, bathing, baby care, surface cleaning and more
    • Lastly, sold in three sizes: 7x13", 10x13" and 12x14"
  • Sale!
    • Flushable and dispersible, single-use wet wipe
    • Made from strong dispersible cloth fibers
    • But the fibers break down quickly when flushed
    • In fact, the rinse-free formula that cleans and soothes
    • Does not contain alcohol
    • contact us at info@reunioncare.com to purchase by the case
    • Lastly, they come in scented and unscented selections
  • Sale!
    • Try our pre-moistened washcloths
    • They contain a rinse-free formula that cleans, moisturizes, and conditions
    • Soft, pH balanced formula, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free medium weight cloths
    • In fact, are gentle on the skin
    • These single-use cloths help reduce the chance of cross-contamination
    • Lastly using these eliminates the need for basins, soaps, linens, and lotions
    • Strong wipe is gentle to the touch, yet tough enough for virtually all  cleaning needs
    • Biodegradable material allows it to be flushed without clogging pipes
    • Lastly, they are sold as bag of 50 or  case of 500
    • Big, thick body and facial cloth containing no-rinse cleansers, botanical extracts and a refreshing scent
    • Great for after work or workouts or any time you need cooling off and cleaning up
    • Each wipe is infused with coffee and pomegranate
    • Ph balanced and hypoallergenic, no harmful chemicals
    • Lastly, this order is large 8" x 8" wipes pack of 10
    • A quick post-workout solution made for today's active lifestyle
    • Made with botanical extract with a  clean, refreshing, invigorating scent
    • In fact, each body shower wipe is infused with ginseng and hawthorn berry
    • A fast, easy, portable way to replace a shower or bath
    • Ph balanced; hypoallergenic; alcohol-free; paraben-free
    • Not flushable;
    • Lastly, one pack contains 100 large 8" x 8" wipes
    • Body and facial cloth for fast, easy, portable way to replace a shower or bath
    • They have a clean, refreshing, invigorating scent
    • In fact, they are great for after workouts, or any time
    • package contains 10large 8" x 8" wipes
    • Lastly, they are Ph balanced; alcohol-free
    • The advanced two-layer system provides therapeutic compression
    • In fact, it helps manage venous disease and associated edema
    • Layer 1 is a soft foam that wicks away moisture and controls odor
    • Layer 2 is a short stretch cohesive compression layer
    • The low-profile system easily fits under clothing and footwear
    • Lastly, this order lasts up to seven days
    •  Full-sized durable wet wipes feature a quilted texture
    • Ideal for everyday clean-ups and incontinence care
    • The ph-balanced, hypoallergenic wipes do not contain alcohol
    • In fact, they provide exceptional skincare
    • Single patient use wipes help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
    • Lastly, do not flush wipes in the toilet


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