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Cleanse and nourish the skin with these dermatology tested and approved washes made from botanicals and phospholipids.

    • Wound cleanser with Benzethonium Chloride
    • Helps to prevent bacterial infections
    • In fact, it works well for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
    • Also includes wetting agents and surfactants to help decrease the risk of infection
    • Lastly, the no-rinse, non-irritating formula comes as an eight-ounce spray
    • Remedy Olivamine 4-in-1 Foaming Body Cleanser cleanses, moisturizes, provides mild protection against transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and nourishes skin in one step
    • Ready-to-use, no-rinse foam stays in place to prevent product spills, waste and patient discomfort.
    • Helps reduce odor
    • For everyday use
    • Tear-free, nonallergenic and non-sensitizing
    • Caregivers love this product!
    • It is a low-sudsing gel  in the shower
    • It can be used as a no-rinse cleanser, too
    • In fact, this gentle formula works on all types of skin
    • Contains emollients and botanicals to improve skin quality
    • Lastly, it comes in a 16 ounce pump bottle
    • This cleanser is the best solution for intact, irritated skin
    • Will cling where applied and removed with a wipe or washcloth
    • In fact, it is strong enough for removing fecal material
    • Hypoallergenic and pH-balanced
    • Lastly, this no-rinse foaming formula comes in an eight ounce bottle
    • This hygiene aid helps make post-toilet cleaning more comfortable
    • In fact, the smooth rounded design provides more comfort than other devices
    • allows for accurate placement and pressure.
    • Rotating handle (9-3/4") allows the desired amount of toilet tissue to be rolled.
    • Lastly, it is made of sturdy heat resistant plastic.
    • Specially formulated with a gentle surfactant to allow fast, thorough and gentle cleansing of wounds in all stages
    • Choose mist or stream delivery to loosen and remove protein and wound debris with a nonionic surfactant
    • Non-cytotoxic, so it won't hurt healthy cells or impede the wound healing process
    • Lastly, it comes in an sixteen-ounce spray bottle
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    • Help kill harmful germs
    • The active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride
    • In fact, it is gentle enough for everyday use
    • This is a 16-ounce bottle
    • Lastly, this product is intended for use on the body only
    • Every home first aid kit needs this wound cleaner
    • This easy to use formula gently removes debris and dead tissue
    • In fact, it is a no-rinse, non-irritating solution
    • This product is sold in an eight-ounce spray bottle
    • Lastly, great for all types of wounds


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