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We are committed to preserving dignity and respect even during the most intimate tasks. Credit For Caring selected the very best products to assist with number one and number two.

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    • Reduce falls in the bathroom with these safety rails.
    • Handles are adjustable and rotate back to allow a wide range of positions.
    • In fact, the closed-cell foam armrests provide a comfortable grip.
    • Adjustable height to accommodate all toilet seats.
    • Easy-to-clean aluminum frame mounts securely onto bowl
    • Lastly, the armrest adjust for height and width
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    Air Permeable Underpads

    • Helps prevent skin breakdown caused by prolonged moisture issues
    • Advanced super-absorbent core with high performing super-absorbent polymer
    • It lies flat when wet without bunching, swelling, or disintegrating
    • In fact, the leak protection  helps to reduce full bed linen changes
    • Lastly, these pads protect the bedding and permit airflow
    • This product combines convenience with good hygiene
    •  super-soft, single-use, medium weight cloths
    • They are pre-moistened and rinse-free formula
    • In fact, the formula does not contain fragrance or alcohol
    • Lastly,  sold in packs of 8
    • Helps treat the most common fungal infections
    • It treats athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm.
    • Helps relieve itching, burning, and irritation from fungal infections.
    • In fact, the powder is talc-free, flows freely, and stays in place for extended periods of time.
    • Lastly, it can be used for skin folds, feet, socks, and shoes.
    • Extra-large bedpan features a tapered front so that it slides easily under immobile patients
    • Can also be used as a bariatric female urinal
    • In fact, the loop handle makes maneuvering easy
    • Lastly, the surface is non-stick
    • Arms swing out of the way for easier lateral transfers on and off the commode
    • Transfers are easier for people using a wheelchair
    • Place near the bed with the closest arm down for transferring during the night
    • Comes standard with pail, lids, and splash guard
    • Chrome-plated steel frame with an easy, single-handed release mechanism for quick transfers
    • Lastly, it holds up to  850 pounds
    • This spray is  great for all odors
    • It treats a broad spectrum of odors without leaving behind artificial masking agents or chemical fragrances
    • In fact, Fresh Naturals products use technology to bond with and neutralize odor molecules
    • Lastly, it is an ideal choice for every bathroom
    • Incontinence, urgent need to void, and accidental soiling are painful and embarrassing
    • Thie commode is the best option to help control these issues
    • The microban surface inhibits the growth of stains and odors
    • In fact, the seat and arm are adjustable
    • Lastly, this equipment fits over a toilet as well
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    Bottom Buddy

    • Toilet tissue aid designed for self-cleansing when reaching is difficult
    • In fact, this tool brings back independence to a very intimate task
    • The soft, flexible head securely grips any tissue or pre-moistened wipe
    • Are you buying a commode?
    • Do not forget the bucket and liners
    • Buckets fit most Medline commodes
    • Lastly, it includes lid
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    • Liners go in commode buckets.
    • Liners includes an absorbent pad
    • This solidifies the waste and makes clean up easy and hygienic.
    • In fact, they are a great add-on to any commode.
    • Lastly, each pack contains 36 liners
  • Sale!
    • Our urinals have a splash-proof lid
    • Store on their side to prevent accidental leaks
    • sold as a case of 6
    • Lastly, it has a glow-in-the-dark lid


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