Dressing activities require balance, flexibility and hand dexterity.  These dressing tools help with physical deficits so preserve independence and autonomy.

    • The  bendable sock assist aids in sliding socks on your feet. the sock assist requires minimal movement of the waist.
    • The sock aid bends and flexes for use with most sock styles and packs away for compact storage and travel.
    • Great for those with limited dexterity, arthritis or carpal tunnel
    • Easily maneuver any size button
    • Slim wire loop is made with a smooth, durable steel to easily slide in buttonholes without damaging clothing
    • Great for those with limited dexterity, arthritis, or carpal tunnel
    • The button hook allows you to easily button shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, and more
    • The adaptive dressing stick minimizes bending and twisting when getting dressed each day
    • Twist to separate the dressing stick into two pieces for compact storage and easy portability
    • Set includes nine pieces of tubing in three diameters to use with a variety of objects
    • Easily cut with standard household scissors, each 12” foam piece can be cut to any length to conveniently cover multiple objects
    • Quickly snapping together, the magnetic shoe closures eliminate sloppy bows, frustrating knots and floppy, untied shoelaces
    • Simple to install by threading through existing laces and securing with the included lace anchor clips
    • Great for those with hip, knee, or back pain, the long metal shoe horn allows anyone to put on any shoe while standing
    • Measuring 16.5” in length, the long, stainless steel shoehorn works well for both men and women
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    Pistol Grip Reacher

    • Extends arms for things  too high or low to reach
    • Therefore reduces the risk of falling
    • Aids people with limited grip strength
  • The best tool for helping with activities of daily living! In fact, this durable, lightweight reacher can pick up heavy clothes from the closet It features a hook-like extension on the front that can be used as a dressing aid Lastly, it is 24 inches long.
    • Designed to work with boots and shoes of any size or style, the foldable
    • This shoe remover eliminates the need to bend and twist when removing your shoes.
    • Great for those with limited mobility.
    • Independently put on and take off socks, hosiery and shoes without painfully bending and twisting with the two-piece sock and shoe assist kit
    • Gliding over the foot and heel, the sock aid features a flexible shell with adjustable cord handles for easily sliding on socks and hosiery
    • Dressing activities made easy with this great product
    • Creates a comfortable grip for easy zipping and unzipping any zipper
    • Perfect for replacing broken and missing zipper
    • Sold in 10 pack


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