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The third Friday of every February is set aside to recognize the vital role caregivers play in our society. A campaign to expand paid family leave is carrying the Day in 2021. It makes sense, this year we expect us to be the parent, teacher, employee, caregiver, and healthcare supervisor all at the same time. In fact, these demands have led to a record number of women leaving the workforce to focus on all the other demands.

The Unspoken Worries of Today’s Caregivers

I don’t know what I am doing. Listen, we are happy you showed up for duty. You will learn the ropes so give yourself some slack. Don’t forget to laugh at some of your ‘learning’ experiences.

I feel guilty about living while my loved one is dying. Finding a balance between self-care and caring for your loved one is vital. Feeling guilty is wasting your energy. There are many great social media caregiver support groups to join.

I am uncertain about the future. The sacrifices can be long, deep, and hard. Knowledge is power. Learning more about what to expect in this care journey frees up mental energy to commit to your own needs.

I feel invisible. According to Caring.com, 80% say that caregiving strains their personal relationships. You may feel forgotten, lost, and underappreciated with all the activity and resources focused on your loved one.

I am exhausted. AARP conducts many studies on caregivers, they found that 58% of family caregivers’ burden to be moderate to highly stressful. Please, please find some respite care for your loved one and get yourself the rest and recovery you need.

Product Bundles
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Credit For Caring Bundles

Our team wants to be a part of the solution.  We have created product bundles to reduce some of the hassle and burdens on today’s caregivers.  We are caregivers, too. Like you, we were overwhelmed with all of the tasks, duties, and mental demands of caregiving.  That is why we have created Product Bundles.  Click to button below to go directly to CreditForCaring.com to see for yourself.

Your health and your future are equally as important as the person you are caring for. Reach out to your loved one’s doctor or insurance company to find more help when the going gets tough. We built a resource section of CreditForCaring to answer some of the questions you may have.

Thank You,

Monica Stynchula, MSW. MPH

Credit For Caring