Good news story About Radio Recliners

My life feels like a vinyl record played at the wrong speed.  COVID social distancing slowed me down to a 33 1/3 rotations per minute (rpm) and the escalating social unrest feels like that same record at 78 rpms.  What about you?

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

I reach back for music that conjures up memories of loved ones and life events when life has me feeling off-balance. I like to listen to classical music when I am working.  I will forever associate a Strauss waltz with my parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.  My sons played a duet of The Blue Danube which my parents requested for their first dance.  There sat my sons, four hands on one piano watching their grandparents waltzing with such love in their eyes.   Memories like these calm the storm of thoughts and anxieties I am feeling right now.

Meet Luckie

One very smart group of Atlanta marketeers understands the power of music.  They set out to reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 social distancing in senior living facilities. The marketing agency is Luckie. Their mission statement is “Luckie merges data and creativity to achieve results luck can’t explain.”

Music combats Social Isolation

Radio Recliners

Radio Recliners is a ‘pirate’ radio station, according to Luckie’s website.  Pirate means it has no formal license to operate a radio station.  Think of Radio Recliner as the social media platform for seniors, by seniors.  The hosts are also the listeners.  In fact, Luckie recruits all of their talent from within the senior living facilities where the station broadcasts.

Radio Recliner’s tag line is “Keeping Apart, Staying Together.”  The DJ’s write their own material and select their playlist.  Callers can make requests as well by calling 855-863-0050. The DJs have clever names like DJ Jersey Jack, DJ M&M, DJ Karaoke Cowboy, and DJ Miss Fancy Pants.  You can ‘meet’ all of them at

Radio Recliners broadcasts daily at noon eastern time.  Want to join in?  Sign up at Radio Recliners by clicking here to complete their Join Our Community form. My hope listening to these stories and playlists brings you joy and comfort.