CreditForCaring, That’s Who

Do you shop on Amazon? Do you buy groceries online? Do you ‘window shop’ on retailer’s websites? Forbes magazine reports that online retail sales are up 146% over last year at the same time in April. E-commerce front door delivery is the perfect experience for many who worry about catching the virus. In fact, most physical stores now offer online shopping, parking lot pick-ups, and deliveries to remain in business.

Why should you shop with CreditForCaring?

We know the value of safe and affordable shopping for seniors and caregivers today. That is why we created Credit For Caring. We are a team of family caregivers that know the stressors of working, raising a family, and caring for loved ones at the same time. You have met many people just like us who contact your company when they are no longer able to carry the burden of care on their own.

Medicare Open Enrollment

We recommend you use this Medicare Open Enrollment season to understand what is covered under each plan. We know that around twenty percent of Medicare expenses are paid by consumers as p co-payments, deductibles, and exceptions written into the different Medicare plans.  Like building a household budget, we recommend building a healthcare budget.  As caregivers ourselves, we know the out of pocket expenses add up fast!  Open enrollment is your opportunity to choose the right plan for your health conditions and living situation.  In fact, some Medicare plans now pay for transportation, housing and home repair, and other expenses associated with everyday life activities.  Ask questions about these and other new benefits, like exercise programs, that some Medicare plans allow.

Built by Caregivers, For Caregivers

CreditForCaring includes:

· Free resource finder survey to quickly find the help you need.

· Home safety finder survey to check where and what you need to create a safe care home.

· Bundled products and equipment to get the lowest price and the least amount of browsing to find the perfect tools for maximizing a client’s autonomy and keeping the caregiver safe from injury.

· A Wish List (just like the Bridal and Baby Shower registries) is created and shared using a personalized URL link.

· Online shopping with $6.95 shipping on the entire order (exceptions for large equipment) sourced from 45 warehouses across the lower 48 states so most orders arrive in 24-48 hours of ordering.

· Most of all….the products come from Medline Industries, the leading privately owned medical equipment, and hospital supply company in the nation.

Exciting, right? Give us a try. Amazon, Walmart, and all the other big box stores do not match the deals we offer. We are anywhere from 30 to 67% less than purchasing from those retailers. Put the difference back in your pocket or save for your own retirement.