Shopping is a Drag

Let’s face it.  Shopping for incontinence supplies, personal care, and durable medical equipment is, well, tedious.  In fact, some of the items are impossible to buy unless you are a physical or occupational therapist from special providers. The good news, we have access to all the products and supplies caregivers and senior adults need.  Best of all, we deliver them right to your door.

Create a Wish List

Our shopping experience is divided into aisles when you hover over the shop button.  Once an item is select, then click the wishlist icon on that page. A wishlist is started with your first item. Follow the directions to name your list and save it. It’s that easy! Add additional products, there is no obligation to purchase.
Share the unique wishlist link with others who want to help.  In fact, home care agencies are using wishlist technology in their care plans.  Families love this easy way to participate in a loved one’s care.
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