Dermatologist Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD of @WEBMD knows a lot about the impact of aging on skin integrity.  She outlines the natural course of aging is a combination of sun exposure, declining rate of new skin call growth and less natural oil production.

Skin is the largest human organ. Treat it right with good routine care to reduce irritation, discomfort and pain. In fact, skin disease can often be a window into deeper more serious conditions within the body. But there are ways you can slow the risk of skin diseases.

  • Maintain a regular skin moisturizing routine to replace the oils once produced by your body.
  • Have an annual head to toe skin check up by your primary care or dermatologist to identify problem areas.
  • Get up and move! Blood circulation and pressure points puts the skin at risk for skin ulcers and slows the healing process.

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