Dear Mr. President,

Our world has changed so much in the past year. You talk about it all the time.  The missing family member at the dinner table.  The overwhelming grief of a life cut short by this virus. The exhausted and underpaid front-line workers who are risking their own health and safety to protect all of us. Thank you for seeing the American people’s struggles and sacrifices during this world event.

Your vision for re-building our nation is nothing short of transformative. While not everyone agrees on the size and cost of this effort, no one disagrees that setting a new course for our country is urgent. Thank you for standing firm to put the needs of the most vulnerable at the front of the line.

I want to thank you for giving our local and state governments the resources they need to rebuild.  The money earmarked for updating schools, the public health system, response services, childcare sites, and employment training is the shot in the arm that we need.

As for this sneaky virus, the funds allocated for producing and distributing personal protective equipment are a remedy for this and the next contagion that attacks the world. Please continue to cheerlead the vaccine along with your very capable team. One day we need to gather all the scientists who worked at warp speed to get us the new technology for vaccines that is revolutionizing health and humanity.

Lastly, I have an ask of you today.  You see, the American Rescue Plan does so much to bring children and families out of poverty and communities back to life but what about the caregivers?  The unpaid, or underpaid, informal caregivers risk their own health and future economic security to bring dignity to the suffering of others. Please pass the caregiver tax credit giving us some relief immediately.

Best Regards,

Monica Stynchula, MSW, MPH