Living A Better Life

Signs & Symptoms that You or Your Loved One May Need Help

“My life is in a rut. Each day is the same. I want to make changes, but don’t know where to start.”

How About You?

  • Have you changed eating habits, resulting in losing weight, having no appetite, or missing meals?
  • Are you neglecting personal hygiene, including wearing dirty clothes and having body odor, bad breath, neglected nails, and teeth, or sores on the skin?
  • How about your surroundings, is there a noticeable change in cleanliness and sanitation?
  • Can you recall having behavior, such as being unusually loud, quiet, paranoid, or agitated, or making phone calls at all hours?
  • Are you more injury-prone such burns or injury marks, which may result from general weakness, forgetfulness, or misuse of alcohol or prescribed medications?
  • Are you more forgetful, resulting in unopened mail, piling of newspapers, not filling their prescriptions, or missing appointments?
  • Do you mishandle paying bills, losing money, paying bills twice or more, or hiding money?
  • Are you lonely?

Small positive steps can lead to big victories over time.

What do you aspire to change in your life? Here are some goals:

  • Organize personal document and share storage site with a trusted person
  • Request an occupational therapy consult
  • Maintain a consistent exercise program
  • Create a long term care plan
  • Develop an emergency disaster plan and share it with trusted family and friends
  • Consider other housing options
  • Reach out to a trusted spiritual advisor

Sometimes our monthly income is not enough to cover all expenses. So many of us are forced to choose what daily requirements we will forego. There is help available. 

Feeling Stressed