Life After Caregiving

Are you ready for life after caregiving?

“I am exhausted. Where do I begin?  I have lost touch with my friends, my career, and myself. I only know my life as the caretaker of my mother.  I am lost.”

  • What would you like to do after you reduce or stop working?

  • What age is right for you to stop working?

  • What opportunities are available for work or reinvention of your work self?

  • Do you seek to change your career?

  • Do you have a bucket list?

  • Do you dream of traveling?

  • What hobbies or new learning experiences would you consider?

  • Do you plan to volunteer, mentor, or become socially active?

  • What legacy do you intend to leave this earth?

  • Do you actively manage your health?

  • Do you need to find a primary care doctor for an annual wellness visit?

  • Do you take medication as prescribed?  Are you living with chronic conditions?

  • What exercise routine brings you the most satisfaction?

  • Do you maintain a healthy diet?

  • Who do you call if you need to talk?

  • Do you have a trusted family and friends in your life?

  • Do you have someone to share your most private fears and worries with?

  • What living and care arrangements do you prefer when you need help?

  • To whom have you shared your aging plans and preferences?

  • Is your present home the right place for you now?

  • What steps can you take to make home a safe place?