Home Delivered Meals

Do you need help getting food?

“Mom died two years ago. Dad doesn’t cook. I want him to have hot and nutritious meals to eat.”

Signs of Malnutrition

  •             Loss of appetite
  •             Unplanned weight loss
  •             Increased illness or infection
  •             Weakened muscles or loss of muscle mass
  •             Clothes fitting loosely
  •             Slow wound healing
  •             Easy bleeding or bruising
  •             Change in skin integrity
  •             Feeling irritable or depressed

Home-Delivered Meals

The Home-Delivered Nutrition Program provides healthy meals delivered to the home, and in most cases an informal “safety check” for homebound older individuals. The home-delivered program is often the first in-home service that an older adult receives and serves as a primary access point for other home and community-based services. Volunteers and paid staff who deliver meals to homebound older adults often spend time with the individual, helping to decrease feelings of isolation. Volunteers and paid staff who deliver meals are encouraged to report any health or other issues that they may observe during their visits.

In general, under the OAA, a person must be 60 years of age or older to be eligible for the nutrition programs. While there is no income/means test, services are targeted to older individuals who have the greatest economic or social need, have low income, are a member of a low-income minority group, reside in a rural area, have limited English proficiency, or are at risk of institutionalization.


Sometimes our monthly income is not enough to cover all expenses. So many of us are forced to choose what daily requirements we will forego. There is help available?