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Today’s caregivers are managing work, family, and caregiving demands simultaneously. Smartphone technology can make scheduling and managing care less painful.

Keys to Getting the Most from Your Doctor’s Visit

  • Plan ahead

    • Collect and organize all of your vital sign records, food diary, weight changes, and any other tracking you have recorded since your last visit
    • Create a written record of all prescriptions, over the counter medicines including vitamins taken since the last visit
    • Write down questions and/or concerns
    • Bring paper and pencil to write down answers
  • Start with a positive attitude

    • Arrive early to appointment to complete paperwork
    • First impressions set the stage for the visit
    • Make eye contact
    • Take deep breaths and relax
    • Keep an open mind and listen
    • Be patient
    • Get to know the care provider’s office routine
  • Listen closely and repeat

    • Do not leave till your questions are answered
    • Ask for written instructions
    • Ask how to spell medical terms
    • Share all of the information you recorded since your last visit
  • It takes a team to care

    • Write down and repeat aloud when starting a new treatment plan
    • Ask for the names and contact information of all care providers
    • Call your insurance company and demand a care coordination specialist help to manage your care
    • Include trusted family and caregivers in your care plan
    • Keep a personal medical file of all treatments, visits, or any other medical care in one folder
    • Share your Power of Attorney, Medical Advocate, and Living Wills with your care provider

Are you playing phone tag with the doctor’s offices? Family members? Insurance companies? Our busy lives place many demands on us at once. Create a REUNIONCare Circle of Care account for all of your trusted family and friends to communicate and coordinate caregiving activities for successful aging at home.

Healthcare Team